Monday, July 15, 2013

Week Four of the Divorce:

Four Weeks.
Saw my Cryx across the table tuesday.  Those spiked weapons, that high speed, all the clever....

I've got a new faction now. I learn how it works, how it moves, how to make things work.

And boy, do I have to.  We're just not getting along this week. I just bumped into a door. I'm so clumsy.

So the theory, while sound, seems to be more than a little lacking. It probably is me since I so recently caught a merciless beating at the hands of pDoomshaper and his ARM 20 brick.  It would appear that POW 13 has a steep time climbing up over 20 so my damage outputs are on the low side.

I just need apparently to face up against a different force...maybe kittens.
Crippled kittens.


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